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third vis dev project of the semester!! the prompt this time was to design a driver-gunner team of same-species anthropomorphic California-based animals and their lifted off-road trucks for a hypothetical racing video game. think Mario Kart Double Dash… sort of.

it was suuuper hard to decide on a final pair to render out but i eventually settled with Chops and Chuletta- the hardcore wild boar power couple [not sure if they’re married or bf/gf] and their ridic horned/tusked truck. i dunno if i actually told anyone but they were totally inspired by Cherno Alpha’s pilot team from Pacific Rim haha.

i had TONS of enthusiasm going into the project because i loved the subject matter so much [animals are my jam ok] and even tho it was a ton of work i think i managed to keep that enthusiasm up the whole way through! the biggest challenge i had was struggling with my inherent indecisiveness because i really liked a lot of the iterations i came up with and i had to ask for second opinions p much at every stage. BUT I’M GLAD I DID with other people’s help i think i was able to pick a team that was both appealing and fun to work on.


Hey friends!

I’m officially returning from my hiatus today, which means I’m back in Florida. I’m really happy to be back, but my time in Texas was an absolute money sink, considering I was away from work for three weeks. The lack of income has really taken its toll on my bank account, and bills are due in a matter of days. I do not have enough money in my bank account for bills, and I don’t have the income coming in to cover them quickly.

As a result, I’m now opening for something I get asked about quite a bit - Polyvore commissions!

✧♕ Polyvore Commissions ♕✧
✧ Polyvore commissions are fashion-centric fullbody pieces!
✧ I’ll create an outfit based on your character and draw em in it.
✧ Single characters start at $35, couples are $55.
✧ Add $5 for complex markings and features per character.
✧ I am only offering ten (10) slots for these, so act fast!
✧ You may reserve/purchase more than one slot, if you like!

Aside from the above, more can be seen in my Weasyl Gallery!

To view slot availability, check my Trello board!

To claim a slot, send an email to quaggyart AT gmail DOT com with the following information:
Number of characters:
Describe their personal style: (ex: bookish, practical, outdoorsy)
Commonly worn clothing items: (ex: beanies, dresses, sandals)
Suggested themes: (optional! ex: punk, space, retro, kittens)
Absolutely never wears: (optional! ex: shoes, hats)

To reserve more than one slot, please fill out a new form per slot.

You may be asked for additional information in your confirmation email.

Once you’ve commented claiming a slot, I’ll send you a confirmation email containing payment information and instructions. The email will be coming from quaggyart AT gmail DOT com, so make sure it doesn’t go to spam! I currently only accept payment via Paypal. Please do not send payment before receiving your confirmation email.

Reblogs are super appreciated!

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